Robert Bassett

Engineer. Musician. Music Industry Professional.

Below are a few albums I've worked on over the years.  Feel free to take a listen.

Roots was released in May 2016, and is Annela Flores' debut album, showcasing her talents as a songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist.  The title track "Roots" was recorded and mixed at The Press Room in downtown Stockton, and all other tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering was done by myself at the Owen Hall Recording studio.  In addition to Annela's talents, the album also featured the talents of a number of local musicians, including myself playing upright bass on "Liquid Sunshine".  Working with creatively talented musicians is my passion, so recording this album was a pleasure, and a great way to end my years working at Owen.  Roots is available for streaming on Spotify as well as for purchase on all major music retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. 

The Pacific Stocktones EP, released in April 2016, is the debut commercial release for University of the Pacific's premier a cappella group, the Pacific Stocktones.  Featuring a group of 21 vocalists, the group performs a number of different genres, as shown on their debut EP.  Working on this album allowed me to develop my skills working with vocals, and gave me valuable experience working with Melodyne.  All recording, editing, mixing, and mastering was done by myself at the Owen Hall Recording Studio.  I also designed the cover artwork.  Thanks to a successful marketing campaign, the first run of physical copies of the album have sold out, but digital copies can be purchased via iTunes, Amazon, and Loudr.

Soul Finesse is a compilation album put out by Pac Ave Records, released in Fall 2015.  The album features six different local musicians and songwriters, spanning numerous genres.  Each artist brought something totally unique to the album, which culminated in a collection of songs showcasing a sample of the central valley's talent.  The unique mix of styles also made for an interesting recording experience.  Be sure to check out the two tracks by upcoming artists Pine + Palm.  For this album I was an engineer/co-producer/session musician alongside two other student engineers in the Owen Hall Recording Studio.  Mastering was done by Joe Tarantino.  The album is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.