Robert Bassett

Engineer. Musician. Music Industry Professional.

I'm a recording engineer, musician, and music industry professional with experience on both the creative and business sides of the music industry. Music and audio have been lifelong passions of mine, and over the course of my career I've had the unique privilege of gaining both a practical music education from my years as a working musician, and a deep understanding of the music industry thanks to my education at University of the Pacific.  I graduated with honors in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Music in Music Management, and a minor in business administration. I have since moved to LA to pursue a career in the music industry. Projects I'm currently working on include audio post-production and foley recording for film. I'm also a regularly performing upright and electric bassist, a music instructor, and a freelance writer. 

Some of my areas of interest on the business side of the music industry include music licensing, copyright research, and rights administration.  As a music licensing coordinator at Music Reports Inc., I gained experience in all of these areas, and I am continually seeking opportunities to increase my knowledge of the music industry and utilize the skills I already possess.  As a recording engineer, I've completed an internship at Fantasy Recording Studios, and worked at the Owen Hall Recording Studio (pictured above).  Both experiences have given me hundreds of hours of experience running recording and mixing sessions, and have provided me the knowledge necessary to handle all aspects of audio production, from mic placement to mastering, and everything in between.  I hope to further these skills as a freelance engineer in LA.